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You can Speak English

If you can read it
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Janakeeya English Club

We know English. But we are not sure whether we know English. Many a times, we find it hard to execute the knowledge and excellence of our English language. At Janakeeya English Club, we don't teach you English. But we offer opportunity to speak English among people of similar situation. This will improve the quality of our speaking skills. This is the philosophy of Janakeeya English Club.

‛ We will provide coaching to become an translator in Arabic language that helps you to communicate with people in Middle East Countries. ’
Janakeeya English Club Group Discussion
Janakeeya English Club Discussion
Special training for mua'llim,mutha'allim and mudarris people in Arabic-English translation works

Those who have studied in Daras and Arabic Colleges will be trained in English and professional Arabic through a special method in our institution.we are enabling them to work as translators at home and abroad. We use the traditional Arabic Grammatical Terms familiar to Mu'allim, Muta'allim, and Mudarris personalities as a gateway to the English language world. We transform the Arabic language knowledge they have acquired through the study of religious texts in Daras and Arabic Colleges into a manner suitable for secretarial and translation works. Also, English is taught to them using Arabic morphology as a facilitator to the English to make them eligible for higher jobs.

Foreign Language Courses

Discover the world of language and culture in the heart of Kochi, Kerala! Join our expert-led English,German, Italian, Spanish, and French Coaching Classes, along with comprehensive translation courses and all levels of language studies. Our immersive and interactive classes, led by native and experienced instructors, cater to students of all levels, from beginners to advanced learners. With flexible timings, small class sizes for personalized attention, and state-of-the-art language labs, we offer a holistic language learning experience. Embrace the richness of multilingualism and gain cultural insights alongside language proficiency.

Limited seats available, so enroll today to unlock new horizons and let language be your bridge to a brighter future!
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English Speaking Community - Presentation


We support the club members to improve their own English communication skills. This self focussed language development strategy enhances the business presentation ability of the members and it helps them improve their self confidence and thus leads to success in their respective careers.
English Social Community - Socialization


Interaction among individuals is the key factor that transforms a group into a full-fledged society. Janakeeya English club's speaking sessions are designed to inculcate globally oriented socialisation strategies in its members. One of the primary aims of the club is to develop harmony in the society
Interview Stratergies and Skills


Interview is one of the primary occasions used by employers to identify the potential candidates for the available job opportunities in companies. Thus, they will be very strict in terms of taking an interview. English language has thus a critical role in the case of interview performance. We prepare our members for attending interviews too.
Negotiation Skills and Techniques


Negotiation is a significant skill required to ensure success in this competitive world. Success in personal, professional and social life can be solidified only through better communication. Effective enhancement in career and entrepreneurship is possible only with the improvement of negotiation skills.
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Our Moderator

Our session moderators are English speakers of non-native level. They can very well understand the difficulties of new English speakers and thus are able to guide you through ways in which one should maximise the accuracy as well as pronunciation of the efficiency level of the foreign language. This kind of organised guidance help the learners improve their speaking skills in an effective way.

Hussain Badri

Hussain Moulavi Badri
Leading Arabic Instructor

Hussain Badri is one of the rare personalities, who promote pluralism in a multi cultural and multi religious nation like India since 1989. With his liberal heart and secular mind, Hussain Badri could take the Arabic language profile to another level in Kerala. He had trained a lot of personalities such as doctors, engineers, mariners, advocates and other professionals to achieve an exceptional knowledge in Arabic language.


Vision of Janakeeya English Club

Located at Lissie Junction, Ernakulam, Janakeeya English Club is a platform for English learners to execute their knowledge in English and practise speaking. The club trains job aspirants, students and professionals. As we know, globalisation brought a situation in which our students have to compete with people from the entire world as the competition is not limited to the boy of the next door.

The Internet and the World Wide Web opened a wide arena of global opportunities for our students. Knowing English language is a pre-requisite for such global competition and we help our members to overcome their dilemma in speaking English.